Cake Wrap // Pokemon

Our Cake Wrap // Pokemon – Edible Cake Topper, is the perfect way to celebrate your event! Printed on high-quality edible sheets. Customised with personalised text at no additional cost! Available with delivery Australia-wide. Find out more below!


Let us know what edible paper you prefer your image to be printed on. Icing is most popular for vibrancy & quality, whilst wafer is a budget alternative.

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Cake Wrap // Pokemon

Pokemon Edible Cake Wrap

Our Pokemon cake wrap is the perfect edible decoration to compliment your cake (or other sweet treats!)
We can create our edible images in many various sizes & we offer custom designing too!

This edible image is ready to purchase in the following sizes:
4inch tall by 11 inches long
You will need more than one, if you would like to wrap around your entire cake.

Here’s a rough estimate of the length you’d need:

4-inch cakes: 17 inches
6-inch cakes: 19 inches
8-inch cakes: 25 inches
10-inch cakes: 32 inches
12-inch cakes: 38 inches

Versatile and easy to use:
Our icing sheets work seamlessly with various icing surfaces like buttercream, fondant, ganache, ice cream, and cream, guaranteeing impressive results every time. For helpful tips on application, just ask our friendly team. We’ve been Edible Image experts since 2009!


Icing Paper
Starches (Acetylated, distarch Adipate, Distarch Phosphate), maltodextrin, glycerine, sugar, water, flavours (vanillia), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Glycerol, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate
Allergens: May contain traces of corn.

Wafer Paper
Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil, Maltodextrin

Shelf Life

Our bright, vibrant edible images will last up to 12 months is stored correctly, away from sunlight & moisture.
However, we highly recommend using within a few months to ensure premium quality & vibrancy.

Care Instructions & Storage

Your edible images will arrive to you in sealed packaging. We recommend keeping them stored in the packaging it arrives in, and placed away from direct sunlight or moisture. (the pantry is perfect)


Our edible icing images are gluten, dairy and nut free.

We’re able to print & post our edible images same day on orders placed prior to 10am, weekdays. Delivery times will vary, we offer free express postage on orders over $50.
For more information, FAQ’s & support, please visit our FAQ page

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