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Need help urgently? Jump on live chat. You can speak directly with a real member of our team or if it’s not as urgent, feel free to email us support@ediblecaketoppers.com.au


Yes of course. If you would like to see a draft you can email us before ordering, or select yes to seeing a draft when you order (only available on custom orders)

To modify or cancel your order, contact us immediately via email or live chat with your order number and details. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request but can’t guarantee changes or cancellations for processed or dispatched orders.

You can upload your image during the ordering process (via the upload file button) or you can also email our team with your design/image file or ideas.

To order an edible image from us, simply search for the design/theme you want (or select custom if you can’t find what you want)
Complete the order & checkout steps.
We only accept orders online.


Whilst we can’t guarantee or control transit times, we can give you a rough guide to help you plan your event.
Express is approx. 1-3 business days
Standard is approx. 3-8 business days
*business days does not include weekends*

Not long! We can print and dispatch same day on orders placed before 10:30am otherwise they’ll leave our office on the next business day. Even bulk orders can be done in 24-48hrs.

Currently we only ship to AUS or NZ locations

Ensuring that your edible cake topper reaches you in perfect condition is a top priority for us. Here’s how we package our toppers to protect them during transit:

  1. Secure Packaging: Each cake topper is carefully enclosed in a sealed plastic bag. This protects it from moisture and keeps it fresh.
  2. Rigid Mailers: The sealed topper is then placed in a rigid, flat mailer to ensure it remains flat and doesn’t bend or fold during shipment.
  3. Additional Protection: Depending on the size and shape of the topper, we may also use additional padding or supports to provide extra protection.

We’ve been posting our edible images all around Australia for the past 15 years, We have found that this method of packaging greatly reduces the risk of damage during transit. However, if you receive your edible cake topper and it is not in perfect condition, please contact us immediately so we can address the situation. 


We sure do! You can find our custom range here: Custom Toppers
We can turn your ideas and photos into edible images.

Edible images are like edible stickers. They adhere to your icing, making your cakes look incredible & unique. They’re super easy to use, so very beginner friendly.

Yes! Very very easy!! They come precut, so all you have to do is apply the edible images onto your icing. Just lay it down, and pat it down gently.

icing is preferred by most people simply because it smells amazing and it’s versatile with most types of icing (just avoid wet icings like cream) 
Wafer on the otherhand is great however as it’s transparent, it is best used only on white icing.

Whilst the edible images actually have an 18month best before, we recommend using within 6 months for optimal vibrancy.

Edible images are best stored at room temperature, in a dry area, such as your pantry. Do not refrigerate, unless you have experience doing so as they can be effected by condensation that may occur. Moisture will cause the icing to dissolve and the dye to run.

Unless you have past experience with refrigerating your cakes with edible images, we do advise leaving your cake at room temp, or not applying your edible image until ready to serve if your cake must be refrigerated. Condensation can ruin your edible images. 

Using both wafer and icing images is super easy. They simply adhere to your icing. If you have wafer, it has no backing film, and can be used on most icing types as long as it’s pale in colour. White buttercream works best.
Icing. images can be used on most icing types and colours. However be mindful creams and other “high moisture” icings, can cause wafer to curdle, or icing to dissolve. We do not recommend cream or wet icings.

If you cannot stick the image to your icing (if it’s already dried) you can brush the back of the edible image with water, just to make it “tacky” not wet.

Returns & Claim

We’ll refund you. Plain and simple! 

We do not accept returns, due to the nature of the products and personalisation however you can contact us and we’ll replace, refund or credit you.

You can upload your image during the ordering process (via the upload file button) or you can also email our team with your design/image file or ideas.


Starches (Acetylated, distarch Adipate, Distarch Phosphate),
flavours (vanillia)
Microcrystalline Cellulose
Citric Acid
Potassium Sorbate

Allergens: May contain traces of corn.

Potato Starch
Olive Oil

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